Voice Broadcasting

Kelcom Call Center Robo Calls

There are many ways to use automated outbound other than annoying sales or political calls. Nobody minds a call when it is delivering valuable and useful information. For example, club members are happy to get a reminder of an upcoming event or meeting, parents appreciate a call from the school regarding bus schedule changes or patients like the dentist reminding them of an appointment made 6 months ago.

KELCOM’s Interactive technology lets you insert certain details in to a call. This allows you to personalize each call – for example you need to make collection calls where everyone has a different name, balance and due date. Just give us a spreadsheet and we will do the rest so that Mrs. Smith gets this call “This is a call for the Smith household to remind you that you have a balance outstanding with the gas company of $123.56 due on September 15th.”

Calls start as low as 25 cents each — much less than the cost of a stamp.