How much does a Virtual Receptionist cost, and is it worth it for my Business?

We get these questions a lot. How much does answering service cost? What if we only get maybe one call per day? Is it worth it for my business?

The bottom line is always a resounding YES from us.

Our jobs are to ensure your business runs smoothly, we deal with your customers and we capture all of your leads.

Some businesses realize they need to use our services very quickly into owning their business. These are mobile/on-call businesses (like plumbers, electricians, HVAC, doctors, lawyers, etc.). They are out and about, and often not able to answer their own phones all day long.

These business owners have the option of hiring in house, but that means that they’re paying someone hourly (not by the call or minute). Employees come with the uncertainty of sick days and vacation. They need to take breaks and lunches and won’t answer your phone calls when they go home at 5pm. They hire us for a fraction of the cost of in-house employees – and know that we’re there 24/7/365, without fail.

But what about smaller businesses, or the ones that aren’t answering emergency type calls? Time for the million dollar question.

What is your customer worth to you?

In real dollar values, what is a new customer worth to you? In one visit? In one year? Over a lifetime?

If you’re in the home renovation business, a new lead may lead to thousands of dollars in billing.

If you’re a subscription based service, your customer may spend hundreds of dollars a year with you.

If you’re a small retail shop, your loyal customers will keep visiting you, month over month.

If you’re in the food business, your hungry patrons will think of you when there’s nothing in the fridge, for years to come.

In all of the above examples, providing excellent customer service from the very first touchpoint (i.e. having a human answer the phone to answer questions, gather information and list next steps) is invaluable. All of these types of customers are likely to refer you to their friends and family.

Humans these days are very much interested in immediate gratification. They likely find you on Google (after searching for “home renovations near me”) and start calling their way down the list. If no one picks up, or they go straight to a voicemail after a few rings, 80% of them will hang up and try the next number (this statistic is from a recent Forbes study). So, if you’re still relying on your voicemail to capture your leads, you’re losing 4/5 of them in this case.

So – really, what does this cost?

Our packages start at just $49/month which INCLUDES 80 calls. We are able to keep this rate so low compared to our competitors (who often charge a base fee of at least $59 and then $1.50+ per minute on top of that). This basic package tells your callers you’re not available (she’s in a meeting, he’s out on a job, etc.) and offers them a voicemail for you or to take a message. More detailed messaging, FAQ’s, order-taking, appointment booking, etc. is available starting from $69/month for 60 minutes.

So – is one customer worth that to you? Even if you’re getting only a few calls in a month, the peace-of-mind knowing that there is someone available to answer all of your phone calls, who knows and cares about your business and your prospects, and knowing that your next big fish won’t be going to the next business on the list?