Why are we so careful about asking for the spelling of your name?

Two of the things we require from out telephone Customer Service Reps is to repeat phone numbers and make sure names are spelled correctly. The need for repeating the phone number is obvious – but sometimes callers get testy about our spelling back names. There are a few good reasons we do this.

First, we are taking a message for the person who will be calling you back. Your message may be the most important call they make all day. If our customer starts the call by mispronouncing your name your first impression could ruin their chances of success quickly and reflect poorly on KELCOM as their answering service.

Names can also be spelled many different ways even when the pronunciation is the same . Smyth or Smith, Catelyn of Katelynn, Kerry or Carey. Imagine when the person selling your furnace writes up the contract with the only spelling they have seen of your name. While this may not kill the sale, it again reflects poorly on both of us.

Finally your name is important to you and we want to show you respect by getting it right. It just takes a few seconds and makes a world of difference.