Some of our customers like to be sure that their on call staff receive emergency messages and they instruct us to check every five minutes to see if they’ve called in to confirm the message.  Its a great way to be sure that the plumber knows about Mrs. Smith’s broken pipe and is on the way to fix it – but it comes at a cost.  We need to add a reminder for a five minute alarm as well as answer the call that the message has been delivered.  It can also be frustrating for the plumber to spend the time calling us and delaying his trip to the site.  Now we simply add a tag to the text message that says “To confirm reply OK”.  It only takes a second but once our system sees the reply it marks the message as delivered.

Its a small change – but when someone gets hundreds of calls each month the savings add up.  Looking for ways to keep costs down goes a long way to why we have customers who have been with us for over 20 years.