Case Studies

$70.95 PLAN

Situation – A driving school received notification that their answering service was increasing the base rate to over $100 a month but increasing the included minutes.
The new “cost per minute” would be lower, but that would only benefit them if they used all their minutes every month. Driving schools rarely get after hours calls. Most months they only had 5 messages – but the ones they do get – usually results in new students. They did not want to return to having their calls answered by a machine because the service had proven that a live response increases sales. By using KELCOM’s $70.95 plan they saved $60 a month over what would have been their new price.


Situation – An appliance repair service grew quickly overnight when they won a contract to perform warranty work for a Fortune 500 company.
The new company had a system where customers would call their in house call center. They would approve the warranty work and then call the repair company. The volume of work was too much to answer the calls and do the repairs. KELCOM set up a scheduling website so our operators could book up to 20 appointments for the next business day; collect the critical info such as event numbers and warranty approval codes. The following day the owner would call each customer with a more precise time allowing appointments to be 95% “on time” thereby exceeding the client’s requirements.

Web Order Entry

Situation – An entrepreneur developed a website selling health related products.
Although his company was growing, it still didn’t provide enough revenue for him to leave his job. Calls to his toll free number were going unanswered because he couldn’t pick them up while working. By adding a “CALL ME BUTTON” to his website and call forwarding his toll free to KELCOM during his work hours, our operators were able to answer the caller’s questions. Usually the answers could be found on the FAQ page – but customers preferred to ask a person. Once a simple question or two was answered, the caller was ready to place their orders on the site. By having KELCOM help the callers complete the orders, sales increased enough that the owner could leave his old job – but he decided against it because he could now handle both without interference.

Emergency response

Situation – A mobile repair company covering a large geographic area wanted to keep overhead low but needed a way to take incoming calls and determine which contractor would get the service call.
KELCOM answers their toll free number 24/7. We ask all the pertinent questions that determine whether the company can solve the problem, then – based on the location of the vehicle – we find the closest contractor. Depending on the time of the day we either pass the call on to them or hold it until the office reopens.

Attendance lines

Situation – A large manufacturer required staff calling off sick to dial the front office. After office hours the “night bell” would ring and one of the “shift supervisors” was to pick it up.
Everyone waited for someone else to answer the night bell as they didn’t want to interrupt their work to take an absentee call. Sick employees were on the phone too long. Some even just gave up and told HR they tried to call in but no one answered. This created a problem with “no show” situations that caused production delays and union grievances. KELCOM provided a 24/7 Toll Free line so every employee could call anytime. We very quickly got all the details of the absence, emailed it to the right people and gave a unique confirmation code. The calls were time stamped and recorded so the company could easily respond to any grievances. “No shows” again became cause for dismissal and virtually stopped.

“We’ve been working with KELCOM for a few years now and I can attest to the exceptionally high quality of service that they have provided us. Their intake specialists are friendly and patient. In addition, they are very flexible and have been able to meet the significant number of customization requests we have asked of them. In the very rare occasion we have an issue, we are always able to speak with our account rep in a very short period of time and she goes out of her way to ensure that we are satisfied with the result. I couldn’t recommend KELCOM more highly and we look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.”

Rafe Malach

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