I recently had a chance to attend a presentation by Corey Perlman, the author of Eboot Camp. After just 2 hours I had a whole new outlook on what this can mean to a person in sales. Although i have seen many presentations like this, most focused on the importance of using Facebook and Twitter etc. in promoting our business. Every one of them stressed the “millions of users”, or the size of country Facebook would be if it were a nation. But Corey opened my eyes. Here’s just one example.

He asked everyone to raise their hand if they could name their top three customers. Of course every hand went up. “Keep your hand up if you know the first name of the most important contact at each of those three companies … now put your hand down if you know each of their birthdays. I would say half the hands dropped. “Put your hands down if you know the names of their pets.” There were two hands remaining up. And finally “put your hands down if you could send them a card congratulating them on their 10th anniversary of being tobacco free” That did it — no more hands were up.

We all have access to the use of a tool that could provide you all those answers within minutes-of not just your top 3, but all customers. Become friends on FACEBOOK!

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be about the 500 million users — it can be about a one on one business relationship — which in my opinion is just as valuable.