You’ve simplified the rest of your life.

Enjoy your nights and weekends while our Virtual Receptionists answer your business phone calls.


Customer experience is more important than ever before.

Having a bad experience can ruin your relationship with existing or potential customers. When it’s an emergency and they get your voicemail for the 6th time – they may take their business elsewhere.

It’s cost effective.

We cost a fraction of what it would cost to hire in-house. We are never late, never sick, never take a vacation. Having a live person answer your phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year shows your customers that you care about them, even when your doors are closed.

You have better things to do.

Phone calls bring new business, new leads and appointments. They also can bring orders, cancellations or complaints. We don’t have to convince you that it’s important to answer your phone. But, are the more important tasks (like growing your business) falling to the wayside due to phones ringing?

Most of your leads won’t leave a voicemail.

You advertise your business phone number 24 hours a day, shouldn’t it be answered around the clock, too? A Forbes study showed that 4 in 5 callers simply hang up on a voicemail. Don’t let your next big client call the next business on the list.


We cost less.

Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. We’re located in Windsor, Ontario. Our beautiful city has one of the lowest costs of living in Canada – allowing us to keep costs down and pass the savings along to our favourite people, our clients.

We’re a small business.

We’re small enough that you can call us up and speak to the CEO, but big enough to have Fortune 500 companies trust us with their business.

We make it easy.

We don’t lock you in to long term contracts.  No matter how complicated your business, we’re here to listen, understand, and help you run your day to day with a little less on your mind. We’re just happy to have you as a customer.

We’re really good at what we do.

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. We’re always evolving and adopting new technologies. We’re judged by the Canadian Call Management Association and have won their Award of Excellence for 17 consecutive years. 


“We’ve been working with KELCOM for a few years now and I can attest to the exceptionally high quality of service that they have provided us. Their intake specialists are friendly and patient. In addition, they are very flexible and have been able to meet the significant number of customization requests we have asked of them. In the very rare occasion we have an issue we are always able to speak with our account rep in a very short period of time and she goes out of her way to ensure that we are satisfied with the result. I couldn’t recommend KELCOM more highly and we look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.”

Rafe Malach

Owner, Lawyer Connection

“It is my pleasure to give a testimonial regarding KELCOM Answering Service. We at Tom O’Brien Realty are very pleased to be customers for more years than I can remember. Our calls are answered promptly and with most professional responses and courtesy. We feel the KELCOM staff are truly a part of our company.  At Tom O’Brien Realty, the customers are our main concern; they are to be treated as if they are the only customer and we appreciate their business. KELCOM compliments that business approach. Thank you… don’t change.”

Tom O'Brien

Owner, Tom O'Brien Realty

“I’m the owner of a side business. This means that when my Google Adwords are busy getting clicks, I’m usually busy at my day job. KELCOM’s virtual receptionist service allows me to capture all my leads and ensure that my advertising budget isn’t going down the drain due to missed calls. The team there is fantastic. Each of my clients is worth thousands of dollars to me, and my bookings have gone way up since I’ve stopped losing leads to voicemail. The service is well worth the cost. You won’t regret choosing this company.”

George Sheppard

Owner, George Sheppard Photography

suzanne answering service
mike at answering service


In general, we say that any business or organization that cares about their clients should use an answering service.

ON-CALL PROFESSIONALS: Doctors, Lawyers, Health and Human Services

HOME SERVICES: HVAC, Plumbing, Property Management, etc.

UTILITIES: Water & Electricity Providers, Natural Gas & Propane Gas Providers, etc.

EDUCATION: Colleges, Universities, Tutor Providing Services, High School, Training, Vocational, etc.

LARGE CORPORATIONS: Manufacturing Plants, Fortune 500 Companies and other Local Business

SALES BASED BUSINESS: E-commerce, Order Taking, Retail Store Fronts, Online Stores, Side and Small Businesses, etc.

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